My dining room makeover.

The day has finally arrived where I can show you what I’ve been working on for the past few months.

The reason it’s taken so long to finish was because I had plans for the room that I couldn’t complete myself. I had to rope my dad in (which wasn’t hard) but the tasks I set him weren’t easy.

Let’s start by reminding you what our dining room used to look like…

You might think, it looks nice enough. But that’s it, it’s just nice. I wanted the room to reflect my style and a room we can all enjoy.

Like when I did my living room makeover, I created a moodboard first, this helped me plan the room and get a feel for what went with what and how it would look before I bought anything.

Here is my final moodboard…

The moodboard has a vintage, industrial style but with a hint of bohemian. Who says you have to stick to one style?
And here is our new dining room…

I fell in love with the beaded chandelier on my moodboard from marks and spencer, but I was reluctant to spend £300 on a light, so I decided to try and make one instead.
Looking back it was an ambitious idea, and I won’t lie, during the making of it I felt like giving up a few times.

I’m glad I didn’t though because I think my hard work paid off. Approximately 4000 beads and A LOT of threading later, my beaded chandelier cost approximately £60 to make.

Along with hanging this light, one of the challenges I set my dad, was to make me some internal shutters for the window. Thankfully he accepted my challenge and the clever little man pulled it out of the bag! I could not be more thrilled with them.

Plant hanger from Brintage (IG – shopbrintage) 

I already had these huge lamps in the dining room that didn’t quite go with the new theme, but instead of chucking them out I decided to give them a new look and paint them black!

It was a bold decision as they could have looked crap! But I think they actually look great! (Phew!)

One of the first things I did was paint the room. I love dark interiors but also fresh white decor too. As I’m stuck in the middle I painted most of the room white but left a feature wall which I painted farrow and ball ‘downpipe’. I really love the contrast that these colours create.

Not only is this a dining room but I use it for crafting as well, so needed some storage that wouldn’t dominate the small room.

I searched and searched but couldn’t find the perfect cabinet. Then I went to Molly’s den in Winchester and came across a vintage wooden cabinet with drawers. It was reduced to £25 so I bought it as a stop gap until I found the perfect storage. When I got it home, I painted it downpipe to match the wall, and ended up taking a bit of a liking to it. So I think it can stay.

The next thing I went on the hunt for was a rug. I love the vintage style Persian rugs as I think they can add so much character to a room. I ended up finding one in really great condition on gumtree for £5!!! I wasn’t sure if I was going to keep it at first but actually it has worked really, which is a bonus!

As I had now introduced pink in to the room, I turned to farrow and ball for their range of pinks for my bench. I opted for dead salmon as it has a really muted tone and went well with the rug and ‘downpipe’ wall.
Striped House Doctor cushion is from Grey September (IG-greyseptemberstore) you can visit their website – Here.

Gumtree was an absolute gold mine when it came to looking for things for this room. I found two vintage tea chests for £5 each and have used them as side tables.

Black belly basket also from Grey September.

I also found two ercol style chairs for £20 that I have painted black.

The other chairs I have are Eames style that I bought from eBay.

I found an amazing window mirror at a carboot sale for £10, so snapped it up immediately, and hung it at the end of the table, opposite the window to give the illusion of a bigger room.

I think plants and flowers really lift a room and help bring it all together. I stocked up on eucalyptus and distributed it around the room as well as adding a few plants, that I now have the responsibility of keeping alive. 🙈

Wooden trug from eclectic homeware company Nickie Kelly. IG – NickieKelly dotcom.

I’m loving all the neon signs around at the moment but felt they might be a bit too modern for our house. However after speaking to Emma at ‘light up north’ I worked with her to create a bespoke sign on a piece of steel, helping maintain the rustic, industrial, vintage style of the room.

Neon sign from Light up north.

Adding accessories to a room is what gives it character. It shows off a lot about your style as well as creating interest.

There are ways to buy homeware to keep your house looking unique. They include, buying from small businesses, buying second hand (gumtree etc) or from vintage shops and antique markets.

One of my favourite accessories is this test tube style vase from Hilary and Flo.

You should absolutely check out their website, your Christmas list will triple in size!

I also found these Edison bulb pull lights from The Range. I didn’t like the cord or the white plastic so I sprayed it copper and added a twine pull string.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing what I’ve been working on. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Let me know what you think. I have tagged all the shops mentioned on my Instagram post.

Thanks for reading.

Hayley x

How to make a simple cushion cover.

Cushions are something we all buy, and are often charged over the odds for. Making your own cushion covers gives you the ability to choose your own fabric, ensure quality and save money. 

When making your own cushions, your first job is to find some good quality fabric. I came across a great supplier called The Great British Curtain Co who had a huge selection to choose from. I chose some Ashley Wilde fabric in Aqua and raffata heather, 1m of each. 

I wanted my cushion covers to be 18″ x 18″ so with the fabric I had ordered would allow me to make 4 cushions in total with some fabric left over. 

The next thing you’ll need is a feather inner cushion. You can buy these from Dunelm Mill. I always buy feather as it keeps the cushion looking full and doesn’t go flat. 

For an 18″x 18″ cushion, I would recommend buying a 20″ x 20″ feather inner cushion. You might think this sounds strange, but it just ensures the cushion is plump and the cover doesn’t sag. 

So now you have your fabric and your feather inner cushion, it’s time to start making your cushion. 

Measure 20″ x 20″ and mark a line where you need to cut. 

Once you have cut to size, place your inner cushion in the middle and wrap the fabric around to create an envelope cushion cover. Remember if your fabric has a print, it will need to be wrapped inside out.

Once you have positioned your fabric, cut any extra off of the length. 

Next you need to create about and inch hem at each end, by folding and pinning. 

Once you have pinned, grab your inner cushion and wrap the fabric around again just to check the measurements. 

Then you will need to sew the hems.

Once you have sewn your hems, fold the fabric in to the envelope shape again and just check measurements (this time without the feather inner) 

It should measure 18″ across this time. 

Then measure from the fold to the bottom to check it’s all straight. 

When you are happy, mark a line half an inch from the top and bottom, pin, and sew.

Grab some pinking shears and trim along the line you have just sewn, to neaten it up. 

Then turn the cushion inside out (or outside out in this case) and voila! You have made yourself a cushion cover! 

Please do check out The Great British Curtain Co, not only do they have a huge array of fabric to choose from but as you may have guessed from their name, they also make curtains including;

  • Made to measure curtains
  • Made to measure blinds
  • Grey curtains
  • Velvet curtains
  • Childrens curtains
  • Yellow curtains
  • Blackout curtains

You can find their website here.

Or visit them on Facebook here.

You can also enjoy 25% off all products from The Great British Curtain Co with code HomeS25. 

I hope I have inspired you to try and make some cushion covers of your own. 

Thanks for reading.

Hayley x 

Every little helps…

As Christmas is very quickly approaching I thought I’d share some exclusive discount codes for you all to be kind to your wallets whilst Christmas shopping…

Image Pinterest 
To send flowers to a loved one this Christmas you can get 20% off at Flower world U.K.using code ‘firstorder20%’

For prints, phone cases, accessories etc grab 20% off Coconut lane using code ‘bettyscottage20’

For eclectic homeware from Tin Design use code ‘oohbetty’ for 10% off.

For handmade candles with hidden jewellery inside from Etta French grab 10% off for November only using code ‘bettyscottage10’

Fancy doing a photo book for family or just having some photos printed, then visit Cheerz and use code ‘hayl8as’ for £4 off your first order.

How about treating a loved one or yourself to a monthly birchbox beauty subscription. Sign up Here and earn £5 to spend in the birchbox shop.

More stunning homeware from Lime Lace treat yourself to 15% off using ‘bettyscottage15’

I hope these have helped, please let me know if any don’t work and I’ll try and sort for you.

Hayley x

Stems by Tineke

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I have a huge love for flowers. 

Letterbox flowers have become the popular way to send bouquets and rightly so. They just slide straight through your letter box which avoids leaving them on doorsteps or with neighbours. 

The only downside is they are out of water, so you have to be quick to give them a drink! However in my experience with letterbox flowers, this doesn’t affect their life span. 

Tineke floral designs was established in 2010 specialising in wedding flowers. They have won the wedding industry awards for 4 consecutive years and since been asked to be on the judging panel since for the previous 2 years, alongside world renowned Paula Pryke. Pretty impressive eh?

They decided to create the stems brand allowing them to send flowers all over the U.K. 

One thing that makes Stems by Tineke stand out is when your blooms arrive there is a card in the box with a unique password allowing you to view a 2 minute tutorial to help you arrange your bouquet. There is also a little bundle of twine if you fancy arranging a hand tied bouquet.

I buy a lot of flowers so I thought I knew my stuff when it came to flower arranging. However, I learnt a lot from the tutorial and personally found it really helpful. 

All the flower heads come with protective netting that I like to call a ‘flower condom’. ☺️

Once I’d decided which vase to use, I trimmed the stems down by cutting diagonally.

This bouquet is ‘The florists choice’ and is full of gorgeous greenery like eucalyptus which is my absolute fave. 

The roses in this bouquet are the most beautiful shade of dusky pink.

So remember next time you want to treat someone with a beautiful bouquet, check out Stems by Tineke, you won’t be disappointed. 

You can also follow them on Instagram here 😘

Hayley x 

Dear Santa…

Wow, where has this year gone? It’s Christmas next month and I am in complete denial.

It’s only this week as it’s started to get bitter outside that I’m beginning to think about gifts.

For me, when someone asks me what I want for Christmas, it goes one of two ways. Either I have a list as long as my arm (which isn’t actually that long) and I need to narrow down my favourites or I just can’t think of anything.

The other problem is thinking of ideas for other people. I find men are hard to buy for. My husband has an ongoing joke where he asks for a jet ski every year knowing full well that ain’t ever happening. And my dad normally asks for ‘tools’ or vouchers for Wickes, which I hate buying because I consider it a boring gift. So unfortunately I can’t really help others with gifts for men.

However, if you are in the same boat as me then I’ve constructed a list of some cool gift ideas that are certain to make anyone’s Christmas.

Retro peg board

I won’t lie, this is on my own Christmas list (if I don’t buy it before) and can you blame me?  It’s retro, quirky and extremely versatile. So move over lightbox, there’s a newbie in town!

You can buy a retro peg board from The little house shop for £45. 

Jewellery Candle 

You’re probably thinking, a what? This is one of the most unique ideas I’ve seen in a while. Etta French make gorgeous candles all with a different piece of jewellery inside. I was lucky enough to receive one in the post yesterday and it smells absolutely gorgeous.

Etta French handmade jewellery candle – £38

I can’t wait to burn it and find out what jewellery is hidden inside. Candles, jewellery and a surprise novelty value… surely not?! Check them out for yourself here and enjoy 10% off until the end of November with code ‘bettyscottage10’😘

Bloom and wild flower subscription

I would personally be really chuffed with this as a gift. In case you didn’t know, Bloom and Wild are a leading ‘letterbox’ florist. Their bouquets are sophisticated, intricate and long lasting. They not only send flowers on a one off basis but they also offer a subscription package too. Who wouldn’t want flowers through their letter box every month?

You can order flowers from Bloom and Wild by clicking here.

Dslr camera

Okay, a pricey one I know so this is for people that like to splash the cash at Christmas. Whether you want to improve your blog photos, Instagram feed or just take some nice photos of your family and friends, then I can highly recommend getting a dslr camera.

I’ve got a Nikon D3300 and apart from my phone it’s probably my favourite possession. I take it almost everywhere with me and photography has become a passion for me. I have a new lens on my xmas list! 😆

Mermaid blanket 

You may have seen these on social media. They are basically a blanket that you put your legs inside and it looks like you have a mermaid tail. They are fun, warm and make you look like Ariel from the little mermaid whilst you are slobbing around on the sofa! Winner!

I haven’t linked a page because you can get them from loads of places. Just Google mermaid blanket, they are around £20.

Fake taxidermy 

Okay, this one sounds weird but trust me when I say you need a faux flamingo in your life.

Small faux flamingo £50

Hilary and Flo offer a small and large version and it is a must have quirky accessory for your home.

Check out Hilary and Flo’s website which is full of eclectic homewares and enjoy 15% off when you spend £20 or more until 11/11/16 with code ‘bettyscottage15’ 😘

Reclaimed bath rack

You may follow an amazing vintage seller Laura, founder of ‘dirty pretty vintage’ already, but if you don’t, please check out her website here.

Laura has just opened up another website called Thistle Home Store and I have fallen in love with everything on there.

I especially love these reclaimed wood bath racks. They come in an array of shades and are perfect for holding candles, bubble bath and even a glass of wine to really help you relax in the bath.

Reclaimed wood bath rack £35

Bath bombs

And last but not least, if the bath rack takes your fancy why not take a trip to Lush and grab some bath bombs.

I hope I’ve given you some inspiration for either your own Christmas list or ideas for others.

I have tagged all the companies mentioned in this post on my Instagram post for you to check out their pages and give them a follow.

Please let me know if you have spotted anything you think would make a great gift!

Until next time

Hayley x

When Testosterone Trumps Oestrogen 

Growing up, apart from my mum and the various female pets we owned, I was the only girl in our household. I’ve got three older brothers, so you’d think I’d be an expert in the field of testosterone.

I always hoped I’d have a girl to make up for the years of male company I was subjected to, but deep down I knew I’d have boys, I just had a feeling.

Turns out I was right because we have two gorgeous, very different boys. Rex aged four and Mack aged two. Just call me mystic meg!

If you looked up boy in the dictionary you would find Rex. He loves anything to do with Super Hero’s, mud, wrestling and football. He is confident, funny and a little charmer. He also has VERY selective hearing which must be a talent that develops around the age of 3, as it’s not the first case I’ve known of.

“STOP FIGHTING!!”, is something I hear myself saying about a hundred times an hour. I’ve even considered investing in a dictaphone to save my voice, and my sanity!

Mack on the other hand, is even more confident than Rex (if that’s possible), but he also has a lovely sensitive, caring side. It was only last night that I was saying my tummy hurt, to which he disappeared and came back two minutes later with the calpol bottle and said “here you go mumma, here’s some medicine”. My heart melted, what a little sweetheart. It also reminded me to put it back in the fridge where he can’t reach it…Ooops!

I am a complete girly girl, so doing some of the things my boys like doing is like speaking a different language to me. I have learnt a lot about boys over the past four years, and some of it ain’t pretty…

Willies are funny and so is poo.

Yes you read that right. Apparently willies are funny and so is poo.
I picked Rex up from his friends house the other day and as I was chatting to his friends mum, Rex shouted “mumma, come upstairs, he’s got his willy out”. Neither of us seemed shocked by this, so I can only assume my boys aren’t the only ones fascinated by their genitals.

Girlfriend talk

Rex has just started school and is in the transition between hating girls and taking an interest in them. As I was tucking him in to bed the other night we had a little chat, that went as follows;

Rex – “mama, I want a girlfriend”

Me – “okay well who do you like?”

Rex “I like a girl in my class but she’s not my friend”

Me “okay, well why don’t you play with her tomorrow and then maybe you can ask her to be your girlfriend at the school disco”

Rex – *sigh* “can’t you just come in to my class and say “my son wants a girlfriend?”

If only it was that easy! Oh well at least I’m not embarrassing (yet)!


I’m not going to lie, mud scares me, and what scares me more is muddy puddles. I’ll tell you what peppa bloody pig has a lot to answer for. Mack cannot walk past a puddle without jumping in it. I know I should lighten up, he is a child and blah blah and I swear I’m learning to, but he is so clumsy that my heart is in my throat every time he goes near one.


For me this is the only thing that really stresses me out. The constant wrestling and fighting. I don’t remember my brothers wrestling and I was too busy talking to my imaginary boyfriend on dream phone to be fighting with anyone, so it’s a complete shocker for me. I thought my boys were the only ones until I spoke to other mums of boys who confirmed my children aren’t hulk hogans in the making but in fact completely normal. Phew!

Fancy dress

Before I had children I boldly quoted “I’m never letting my children go out in fancy dress”, I whole heartedly take that back!! My boys loved to dress up and I’ll be honest, I love to encourage it!


As a mum of boys I always have to be on my guard, they have the ability to take anything and turn it in to a weapon. Thinking about it, I should probably invest in some body armour.

All being said, I love being the only female in our little family. Even our dog is male! It makes me the hub of our family and as nice as being able to go to the loo without an audience would be, I wouldn’t change them for the world! (Well maybe just the wrestling bit!)

Let’s talk about it…

As its mental health awareness day, I thought I’d share my experience.

For 27 years I had been fortunate enough never to suffer from depression or any other mental health issues.

The closest I came to it was when I was on my period as my hormones have always caused a ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ effect. My parents used to call my bedroom ‘the lions den’ because sometimes they’d be scared to knock on the door in case I shouted at them! 🙈

Even now, hormones are something I am in constant battle with, I am not myself when I have pmt and often lash out on the closet people to me. I wish I didn’t, and I need to find a way to manage it, I know.

I’ve talked briefly about my experience with post natal depression before on my blog post ‘Instagram saved me’ but never really gone in to depth.

When I was 27 I gave birth to our eldest son Rex and my whole life turned upside down. In good ways of course, but also in very confusing ways too.

I struggled with Rex because I had a horrible 3 day labour, had problems with hip afterwards so had to be re-admitted to hospital, then he had colic and would scream for 5 hours solid. I was overwhelmed, tired, and found it really hard to cope.

I was never ‘diagnosed’ with post natal depression, because I never spoke to anyone. I didn’t speak to anyone because I was in denial. I felt like a failure and didn’t want people judging me.

I cried a lot. In my bed, on the kitchen floor, whilst driving, everywhere.

Sometimes I’d wake up and just the thought of getting myself and Rex dressed and out of the house for an appointment felt overwhelming and impossible. I hated committing to anything because the pressure I felt when I knew I had to be somewhere or that someone was relying on me was unbearable.

I ended up staying in a lot, and anything we did was in the afternoon when I was able to prepare myself to get out of the house without having a panic attack.

I think a lot of the way I was feeling was down to my loss of identity. I didn’t know who I was anymore. I loved shopping, and going out with my friends. I felt like I had sacrificed everything I was, my body, my finances, my career and my freedom.

Everything I thought I’d feel when I had our baby was different. I’d built up expectations of motherhood and how it would be in my head but the reality was somewhat more complex than I had anticipated.

I thought I would be just me, with a baby.

But I had said goodbye to me, and had to create a whole new me.

The me I am today, 31 years old, still hormonal for one week of the month but coping. I’m winging it daily, but coping.

I work part time at an IT distributor where I worked before I had children. I look after our two beautiful boys, and I’m enjoying it. I’ve got a new found love for photography, and a passion for interior styling and upcycling.

I did speak to my husband and my mum about how I was feeling and it helped a lot. Once I recognised that I had post natal depression it became easier to manage, so please, if you are feeling the way I did, speak to someone, because it does help, I promise.

Sometimes all it takes is for someone to listen.

Hayley 😘