Wine and dine in style…

I completed the makeover on our dining room back in December and we are yet to have anyone over to entertain. A waste, I know! 

A seriously cool homeware company called Also Home contacted me recently and asked me to review a few items from their new range of black dinnerware. 

Also Home is a stylish lifestyle brand created by Anna Smith that has been born out of years of travel and sourcing all over the world. 

All of their wonderful products are of a high quality, are ethically sourced and often hand crafted. They are also influenced by Scandinavian and Japanese design.

I received the Black woven bamboo tray, which is ridiculously versatile. It’s bigger than I expected which is great and if you have guests coming over for dinner you can make a stunning centerpiece from it. Alternatively you could also use it as a gorgeous coffee table tray.

I also received the Black Kuro ceramic dinner plate and the Black Kuro ceramic side plate. Both are slick and sophisticated. The amazing thing about black dinnerware is that it looks incredible contrasted against bright colours which allows you to create a really striking table display. 

I’ve styled my bamboo tray using candles and flowers, as well as cheeky pineapple! 

I love the shape and finish of the dinner and side plates. 

So if you’re looking for different ways away from conventional white to wine and dine your family and friends in your home, then I definitely recommend checking out the dinnerware available from Also Home.

Until next time 


How to bag a bargain…

We all love a bargain no matter how much or little money we have. I do live by the moto ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ most of the time, however, if you gave me £1000 to spend on what I wanted, I’m more likely to buy loads of things for £50 each rather than one expensive thing for £1000. I just love getting the most for my money. We all do don’t we? 

That’s why, whenever I want to buy something for our home, I check gumtree and eBay first. 

Gumtree is great because you don’t have to faff about with bidding like you do on eBay, which in all honesty gives me palpitations. 

You can narrow down the search so that it only finds items within your proximity. Seriously if you haven’t got the gumtree app on your phone, you are missing out!! 

Top tip – when searching on selling sites, try misspelling the item you are looking for. For example if you are after a ‘chest of drawers’ type ‘Chester drawers, chester draws or even chest of draws’ you’d be surprised at the amount of items under misspelled listings. You could bag yourself a really good bargain! 

Ebay is the worlds leading selling site, which means an abundance of choice but also a lot of competition when it comes to bidding. If you see something you want and it has a few days to go with no bids, why not message the seller and ask if they would accept a buy it now price? I have asked in the past and it has paid off. 

Facebook selling sites. 

I’m sure you have seen things being sold on your Facebook page. This is a great way of finding a bargain, if you have the patience to sift through it all. They have added a search icon now, which helps. 

Car boot sales…

People have mixed opinions on car boot sales. Agreed, there is a lot of shite being sold, but you can also find some really great stuff. Especially if you are after vintage items.

There are some items I would never buy second hand but for furniture and general homeware, providing it’s in good condition then second hand is the best way to get the most for your money. 

Until next time 

Hayley x 

Seasonal Influences

So my husband is in teenage boy mode and playing his PlayStation so I thought I’d write a little blog post.

As you are probably aware I get bored very easily and I’m constantly changing our decor at home. I don’t know why but I’m just never content with how our lounge looks. One of the reasons I think this is because our house is rented, if we owned it there is so much I would change. Our landlord is very easy going and we are allowed to paint etc but when we eventually buy a house and move I don’t want to have to paint it all back to magnolia again. I would definitely change our fire place, I’d remove the existing bricks and find an antique cast iron one to replace it. But hey ho, it is what it is and I’ve got to make do.

I obviously love vintage and that is something I not only incorporate in to my personal style but also in to our home as well. I am influenced by interior trends of course but even more so by the seasons. This is why I can never feel content with our decor because the weather changes so rapidly.

During spring and summer I find myself drawn to pastels and pretty pinks. Peonies are everywhere in my house and IG at the moment so I’ve been eyeing up some pastel pink cushions to compliment them. This of course would mean changing nearly all of the cushions in the lounge, so I’ve forced myself to think about that little whim!

Our colour scheme in the lounge is basically grey, mustard, white and blue. I love that colour combo but it’s been a few months so I’m bored of it now. And a room should be so much more than a colour scheme otherwise you risk it looking like something out of the Next catalogue. You know what I mean right?

Texture is vital when adding character and warmth to a room. There are a number of ways you can add texture including rugs, throws, baskets, wall hangings etc. A rug is probably the most vital though. I bought a gorgeous blue and white rug from urban outfitters for £75 and was so excited for its arrival. The excitement was short lived though, unfortunately it was really thin and the Hoover kept sucking it up and stretching it so I had to get rid! I have a temporary rug that was in our dining room in the lounge now until I find a replacement!

Anyway back to the seasons… So pale pink… I was thinking of teaming it up with a dark petrol green, a bit like the green in our bedroom. I quite like that unusual, clashing combo. Because I don’t want to paint the walls in the lounge, my only option is to paint the sideboard (again.) It’s currently dark blue, which to be fair would also work well with pale pink! Oh gaaaa! The decisions I have to make!

I want to get a new sofa soon, so I keep telling myself to hold off and wait before deciding on the ‘theme’ of the room. I think I’m just itching for a project and the lounge always seems to be my Guinea pig!
By the time we get a new sofa it will be approaching Autumn so I doubt I’ll be crushing over blush pink anymore and be more likely in to jewel tones! God I’m a nightmare!

If you too are influenced by the seasons then you will feel my pain here!

Anyway, if anyone has any inspirational ideas of what I can do to my lounge then please comment on here or my IG, as i’d love to hear them!

Love Hayley X

Support Small Businesses

We all buy from mainstream high street stores and there is nothing wrong with that, but sometimes it means that smaller businesses get over looked.

Thanks to the evolution of the Internet we are now spoilt for choice for where to shop, however by buying from a small business you are actually putting money back in to the economy and finding something a little unique for yourself. It’s a win win!

There are thousands of small businesses on Instagram, a lot of which I have had the pleasure of working with. Due to the nature of my Instagram page, they are of course mainly homeware stores that you may have heard of already. If not, then please check out their pages and websites because you can truly find some gorgeous pieces for your home.

Mia Fleur

Mia Fleur is a family run business, two daughters and their mother. I have just hosted a giveaway for them which was such a pleasure because their business is amazing. They have one of those shops where you want EVERYTHING which results in a little sulk because you can’t have it all! Here is a selection of some of my favourite things from their website…

I have a spotty feather wall hanging on the way from Mia Fleur which I’m so excited about! I will share it on my Instagram page once it’s here!

Whether you are an avid homeware buyer or just fancy something a little different then you absolutely need to check out their online shop. You will not be disappointed.

Lights 4 fun

Fairy lights, outdoor lights, novelty lights… You name it, they do it! I am absolutely over the moon with my copper wire fairy lights I received from Lights 4 fun. I have displayed them on the shelf in the alcove next to our fireplace. Because they are wire it makes them so easy to style in and around ornaments. I love the festoon lights they do too, so I think I’ll be ordering some of those!

Lights 4 fun – copper wire lights

Lights 4 fun – Festoon lights 

Their lights aren’t just for the home and garden of course, you can use them in wedding and party venues too! The possibilities are endless.

Tin Design

Tin Design is an eclectic homeware company run by a lovely female duo, Trudy and Tara. They actually have 2 separate pages on IG which I have tagged in my post for you to check out. The Tin Design website is another homeware store full of unique goodies where you will want one of everything! If you want to own something quirky and bang on trend then Tin Design will be right up your street.

I got a gorgeous soap stone votive for our botanical bedroom which I absolutely adore. The quality is outstanding and I love that it can’t be found in every high street shop I walk in to.

Whax candles

Whax candles is a sleek brand founded by partnership, Daniel and Doug. If you are a Jo Malone candle lover then you absolutely have to try a Whax candle. They are handmade and have a celebrity fan base including Liz Hurley and Hugo Taylor so they must be doing something right! It’s always a risk buying a candle online because no matter how good the ingredient description is, you won’t know what it smells like until it arrives. However, I’ve had two candles from Whax Candles so far and I have to say they have such a sophisticated scent to them and they last ages too which is a huge bonus.

I highly recommend the Bamboo and White grapefruit candle, it is their best seller and I can absolutely see why! Mine has burnt down now but I have kept it because I can still smell it in the room even though it’s not lit.

The second candle I got was the black pepper one. I kind of imagined it would smell like black pepper,however it didn’t and that was because black pepper is just one of the contributing ingredients. It actually exceeded my expectations and was just as sophisticated as the Bamboo and white grapefruit.

These candles make great gifts or a treat for yourself, so head over to the Whax Candle website and enjoy free delivery using my code FREESHIPPING 😘

Cotton ball lights

Cotton ball lights is a lighting brand like no other. Their string lights are exactly what their name suggests, cotton balls. They are extremely versatile and the great thing is you can choose any colour combination to match your decor. When they arrive you have to assemble them by cutting a small hole in the cotton ball and pushing the light in to them. I personally loved doing this, and don’t fear it’s not difficult or fiddly at all.

I chose colours to compliment our bedroom, and decided to hang them on our headboard, they give the room such a nice atmosphere when it’s dark.

Here are some inspirational photos of other ways they can be displayed…

Not forgetting they also do a larger lamp version! Check out this beauty…

I know each and everyone of these amazing businesses would appreciate a follow on Instagram and a browse on their website, so if you can spare some time then please do check them out as you won’t be disappointed.

It’s really important to support small businesses so let’s all do our bit and broaden our horizon’s when it comes to online shopping as you really can find some amazing products.

Until next time

Hayley x x

Treasure hunt Sunday

It’s my favourite time of year… Yes the weather has something to do with it, but it is also car boot season! Hooray!

Car boot sales all have a few things in common… The sound of a generator, the smell of burgers and rows and rows of stalls packed with bargains!

The good thing is, everyone is there for a different reason. Whether they are looking for something in particular or just going for something to do, it seems to attract A LOT of people.

I of course go for the vintage and home decor bits. And not because I can’t afford new stuff, but because I get a buzz out of hunting for treasure!

I normally go to two on a Sunday. First is Winchester cattle market which is my favourite. At Winchester you are guaranteed to find Vintage homeware and good quality items. The sellers are normally well spoken and often selling things from Hobbs, L K Bennett and Laura Ashley, to name a few.

You probably end up paying three times more than what you would at other car boot sales but it’s expected in Winchester, so that’s ok with me.

After Winchester I go to Andover car boot sale. This one is usually heaving with endless rows of sellers, and huge crowds of buyers. Everything is really cheap and you can normally find everything and anything.

I always look out for the elderly people as they are normally the ones selling the ‘old tat’ as my husband calls it.

I like to walk fast, and scan the stalls as I walk! If I see something I want I have to hide my excitement and if someone else has it in their hands…well…god help them! 😂 I’m like an animal, ready to pounce.

When I ask how much something is, if it’s more than I want to pay I have a little habit of pretending it’s for my mum and that she has wandered off 😂 it’s not for her, I’m normally on my own but it saves me looking like a tight arse.

Some things I can’t stand are twats that stand and have conversation right in the way of something I want, and people that walk right behind you so you feel like you can’t stop! I might as well have taken my husband as he likes to walk on my heels too! 😤

I have collected many great things over the years for our house from car boots, including Art Deco mirrors, vintage suitcases and amazing stoneware. My home is pretty full but I changed my decor regularly out of boredom so I’m always on the hunt.

Today I bought some gorgeous vintage jam jars, 2 for £3.

I got this black and gold retro magazine rack for £5. I think I’ll use it for something other than magazines but I’m not sure what yet, so if you have any suggestions please let me know.

I got this gorgeous gold mirror for £3. I umm’d and arrr’d about this as I already have a few gold mirrors that haven’t been hung yet, but for £3, I couldn’t say no.

And last but not least I got this little magazine table. It was in pretty bad condition but for 50p, who cares!

I cleaned it, sprayed it gold and added a marble effect on the top using vinyl paper from homebase! It’s like sticky back plastic! love it now!

Car boots are full of endless possibilities and amazing bargains. So if you have never been, why not look for your local one and give it a try! You never know what treasure you might find!

Thanks for reading…

Until next time…

Hayley X


For some women not a lot has changed since the 1950s and a lot of us take on most, if not all of the chores around our homes.

I’ve got a few shortcuts that I take to make life that little bit easier, so wanted to share them with you.

Firstly, I shared this on my Instagram page last week but in case you missed it, here is my first tip. Get an empty spray bottle and put a bit of fabric softener in it mixed with a bit of water, and spray all of your upholstered items. Sofa, curtains, rugs, cushions, you name it! It will make your house smell amazing! I use strawberry and lily comfort, it’s gorgeous.

Number 2…

When cleaning your house don’t do one room at a time, do one job at a time.

It’s so easy to get side tracked when you concentrate on one room, you end up fiddling about, rearranging and faffing.

Get the polish out and polish everything that gets dusty. Then get your glass cleaner and clean all the glass and Windows in your house. Then Hoover the whole house. I think you get the message. Anyway, you will find that you get your housework done so much quicker because you won’t spend loads of time in one room and then walk in to another having to start all over again.

Number 3…

Ok this one I did the other day… I’m not sure if you would want to try it, but I will be doing it again.

We have a super king bed and ironing the covers is a nightmare! So the other day I put the duvet inside the cover, laid it on the bed and ironed it! Worked a treat! I know what you’re thinking… Craaaaazy bitch! 😜

P.s I will not be held responsible for any burn/fire related incidents in relation to this tip! 😉

Number 4…
If you have children and they are having a bath, clean the bathroom whilst you’re in there! As long as you don’t use any harsh smelling chemicals then it is a really good use of your time.

I just use bathroom spray and clean the sink, the tiles, the toilet and the shower door. So all that’s left to do is the bath once they get out!

Number 5

Another one for people with children…

Give them jobs! Kids love having responsibility! Mine are 2 and 3 and love to help me with chores. They love polishing and we often make a game out of putting things away. Their favourite is getting the bags in when the food shop man turns up!

Have you found these useful? Or have you got any shortcuts that you use, if so, please comment on this post or on my Instagram page @bettyscottage.

Until next time

Hayley 😘

Fashion vs homeware

If you are a shopaholic like me, you’ll probably be constantly trawling through websites, making wish lists and creating folders on your phone called ‘want’ and ‘need.’

Buying things is addictive, it makes us happy and thanks to Instagram we have the ability to share that happiness with others. You are welcome! 😜

I used to love buying clothes but these days I really struggle! Yes my hideous body is the main problem but due to working part time I have less disposable income, therefore I have to be more picky about what I purchase. I find myself walking around shops mumbling to myself 😳 ‘that’s a bit young for me’ or ‘ffs do they sell anything other than bodycon dresses and crop tops these days’ which ultimately results in me buying naff all!

When I’m given money as a gift, for my birthday for example, Suddenly all the ‘want’ and ‘need’ folders I’ve created on my phone for the past year start buzzing around in my head and I feel confused about what I actually want and need.

I don’t want to ‘waste’ my birthday money on random bits, I want to buy something special, but what the hell do I want? It’s like the less we buy, the less we actually need.

There is always that classic problem though, when you have no money everything you see in the shops is amazing and you want it all! As soon as you get paid you enter a shop aaannnnnnd….. NOTHING! It’s all shite!

I have found as I’ve got older, that I wear things that I like rather than following trends like I used to. My style is very distinctive. Unless I’m at soft play where you’ll find me in jeans and T-Shirt I’ll nearly always be wearing a pinafore or shift dress with tights, and I do love a collar. I guess you could say it’s sixties inspired. Cute is a word people often use, not sure that’s acceptable at 31 but I’ll take cute over mutton any day! 😉

I guess this is the reason I like to buy homeware. Homeware never disappoints. A cushion doesn’t have love handles that you have to try and squeeze in to the cover (unless you bought the wrong size,) and you don’t get a vase home and think ‘it definitely looked better on the shelf.’

Homeware is the one! You don’t have to try it on in a changing room with 360 degree mirrors that show the cellulite you didn’t know you had under your arse! You don’t have to ‘squeeze in to it’ or suffer the aftermath (thrush) of wearing multiple pairs of control pants to make it look acceptable. You don’t have to worry if the colour makes you look like you have jaundice or doesn’t match anything else in your wardrobe. Nope. Homeware just sits there, looking pretty and making us happy!

I know shifting some weight will make me feel more positive about clothes shopping but until then I’ll just carry on creating my ‘want’ and ‘need’ folders full of homeware.

Now where are those custard creams? 🙈

What do you love to buy?

Until next time