Stems by Tineke

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I have a huge love for flowers. 

Letterbox flowers have become the popular way to send bouquets and rightly so. They just slide straight through your letter box which avoids leaving them on doorsteps or with neighbours. 

The only downside is they are out of water, so you have to be quick to give them a drink! However in my experience with letterbox flowers, this doesn’t affect their life span. 

Tineke floral designs was established in 2010 specialising in wedding flowers. They have won the wedding industry awards for 4 consecutive years and since been asked to be on the judging panel since for the previous 2 years, alongside world renowned Paula Pryke. Pretty impressive eh?

They decided to create the stems brand allowing them to send flowers all over the U.K. 

One thing that makes Stems by Tineke stand out is when your blooms arrive there is a card in the box with a unique password allowing you to view a 2 minute tutorial to help you arrange your bouquet. There is also a little bundle of twine if you fancy arranging a hand tied bouquet.

I buy a lot of flowers so I thought I knew my stuff when it came to flower arranging. However, I learnt a lot from the tutorial and personally found it really helpful. 

All the flower heads come with protective netting that I like to call a ‘flower condom’. ☺️

Once I’d decided which vase to use, I trimmed the stems down by cutting diagonally.

This bouquet is ‘The florists choice’ and is full of gorgeous greenery like eucalyptus which is my absolute fave. 

The roses in this bouquet are the most beautiful shade of dusky pink.

So remember next time you want to treat someone with a beautiful bouquet, check out Stems by Tineke, you won’t be disappointed. 

You can also follow them on Instagram here πŸ˜˜

Hayley x 


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