The no dinner diet

So I know I said I’d stop banging on about my big flabby body, well I’m going to kind of break that promise and share a bit of a success story with you!

When I was 8 stone (11 years ago) I was 20, with a hectic social life and working in a pub. I used to do a split shift which was 10-3 and then 6-close. In between 3-6 I used to have a main meal at work and that would see me through the evening. Obviously I was walking around loads and the days I didn’t work I was busy seeing friends in the evening so used to skip dinner sometimes because I just didn’t feel hungry.

So this week I have been doing the same. I started to ask myself, ‘do I actually feel hungry?’ Before shovelling food in to my mouth! Most of the time the answer was no.

I have been getting my calorie intake during the day and I will stop eating about 4pm. I don’t feel hungry in the slightest in the evenings. I never really do if I’m honest and I think I was just eating for the sake of it because I had to make dinner for everyone else.

The results have been amazing… I have lost 6lbs in a week! And even managed to get in to a size 10 skirt I had in my wardrobe!

So I’m not going to say I’ll never eat dinner again but the majority of the time I’m going to fast in the evenings as it really seems to be working! Hooray!

If you are struggling to lose weight then maybe try this. Don’t starve yourself but just get your calorie intake earlier in the day.

It doesn’t make sense to eat a big meal a few hours before bed, but we all do because society says we should!

Anyway, let me know your thoughts and I’ll keep you updated on my progress! ❀️


Hayley x


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