The power of the flower

I do believe money can buy you happiness, it might be temporary, but it’s happiness none the less.

What men don’t understand about women is it really doesn’t take much to make us ladies happy.

Flowers… I don’t know a single woman that doesn’t appreciate a lovely bunch of blooms! They don’t have to be sent to our workplace along with a serenading sing-a-gram for us to appreciate them. Just a simple bouquet of roses from a supermarket will be just fine.

My husband buys me flowers occasionally, but on the whole I buy my own on a weekly basis. I’m definitely not a flower snob and always have a rummage in the bargain bin. Generally they have a good week left in them unless they look like they’ve been used as a weapon or run over a few times, I would probably avoid those.

It appears spring is creeping up on us early this year, and my house is already graced by daffodils and tulips. Let’s all hope peony season is extended too! Hooray for global warming! πŸ˜‰

Flowers are definitely my temporary happiness, I’d love to know what yours is?

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5 thoughts on “The power of the flower

  1. Your a girl after my own heart πŸ’•
    There is something so beautiful about flowers, be it their colour, shape or smell I love them and I always feel happy when I see a jug or vase full of gorgeous blooms πŸ’


  2. I am going to try to grow my own this year, so that I get to enjoy them twice, once in the garden and then in a vase. Also flowers over here in Australia are quite expensive, $10-15 for just supermarket carnations. I have just found your blog through instagram and am really enjoying it. xx


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